The goal of this CNRS research cluster «GDR Multielectrode Systems and signal treatment applied to neuronal networks» is to federate the different labs using or willing to use multielectrode systems in the field of neuroscience. This annual workshop aims at stimulating the interactions between those labs at the conceptual and methodological levels.The fourth worshop of the GDR will be held in the University of Bordeaux on the 17th and 18th of October, 2013.


The workshop focuses on the 4 main axis of the research cluster:

    Development and Methodology

    Motor Systems and Cognition                                          To view the program click here

    Network Dynamics

    Neuronal Code



NEW!   Spike Sorting Mini-school

On the eve of the conference Wednesday 16 Octobre, Samuel Garcia and Christophe Pouzat organize a workshop about the art of single cell discrimination. We bring your attention on the fact that attendant number is limited. You can register for the mini-school in the process of registering for the conference. For more information visit the dedicated webpage or contact Samuel or Christophe.


The Conference

It will be held from Thursday 17 to Friday 18 Octobre 2013 on the campus of Talence, at the Agora du Haut-Carré.

Registrations are free and open until the 15th of October for a poster. You can register and submit an abstract for an open talk (25min) or a poster here.

To get to the Haut-Carré, you will find directions here.


The Gala Diner

A reception will be held on Thursday night at the winery of Chateau Luchey-Halde. To participate for free, you need only fill the corresponding box as you complete registration.

To get to Luchey-Halde, you will find directions here.




Bordeaux's tourist office offers a range of hotels in town throught its web page.

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